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We provide custom padded Marine Decking for any boat, PWC, or marine vehicle.

✅︎ Non-slip
✅︎ Impact Absorbing
✅︎ Protects Knees and Back
✅︎ Various Styles Available

The best way to get into the water; whether you prefer skis or board


Elevate Your Watercraft Experience with AM Marine Custom Boats in Annapolis

Discover unparalleled luxury and performance with AM Marine Custom Boats, Annapolis’s premier destination for revolutionary foam decking solutions. Our custom boat decking transforms your personal watercraft into a masterpiece of comfort and style.

Whether you’re upgrading your yacht, jet ski, or fishing boat, our high-performance foam decking offers unmatched durability and an eco-friendly touch to your marine adventures.

Experience the pinnacle of water-resistant decking with our innovative and stylish foam decking designs, tailored to fit your unique needs. Our marine foam decking is not only UV resistant but also provides anti-fatigue comfort, making every journey on the Chesapeake Bay a pleasure. With AM Marine Custom Boats, you’re not just installing non-slip boat flooring; you’re investing in an eco-friendly, shock-absorbent upgrade that stands the test of time.

Choose AM Marine Custom Boats for your watercraft floor customization in Annapolis. Our premium foam decking installation service guarantees a perfect fit, elevating your boat’s aesthetics and functionality. Opt for our DIY foam boat decking kits for a personal touch, or let our experts provide a seamless, custom install of foam decking that reflects your taste and lifestyle.

Don’t settle for ordinary. Upgrade to luxury foam decking for yachts and personal watercraft with AM Marine Custom Boats. Your journey to innovation and style on the water begins here.

AM Marine Custom Boats – Where Tradition Meets Innovation in Annapolis.

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